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Kitchen of the Month – June

The Cornwall

At the Panelling Centre, we strive to keep our finger on the pulse of ever-changing kitchen trends, while simultaneously providing high quality products at a variety of price points to suit all of our customers.

June’s kitchen of the month, The Cornwall presents style and quality at an affordable price point so that homeowners can show off their stylish kitchen with pride, without breaking the bank!

The Cornwall seamlessly combines tradition with contemporary kitchen design. From the traditional shaker style doors to the smooth matt finish and modern colour palette, The Cornwall is the ideal kitchen for a home that blends the classic with new and fresh trends.

The little details have been considered in its design, the shaker style door is enhanced with a ‘step’ feature added to the inside of the door frame, giving some extra character to the standard outline.

The smooth, matt finish of The Cornwall gives a slick appearance to the overall kitchen unit. When it comes to colour, this kitchen is available in the ever-popular white and a striking ‘onyx’ grey, so that you can choose from two tasteful options that will stand the test of time. You can also mix and match the colours to create contrast in your kitchen.

Merging timeless design with contemporary finishes, The Cornwall creates a kitchen space that is both inviting and practical, two essential features for those looking for a modern-day home.

Kitchen of the Month - July
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