Hobs Ireland

Elevate your cooking with our sophisticated range of hobs from leading brands Miele, Smeg, and VZUG. Known for their precision and durability, our hobs are designed to cater to both aspiring and seasoned chefs.

Discover the latest in hob technology with features that enhance cooking efficiency and control. Available throughout Dublin and across Ireland, visit our in-house appliance centre to choose the perfect hob to match your culinary ambitions.

Miele Hobs

Miele hobs bring unparalleled precision to your kitchen with cutting-edge technology. Known for their responsive heating and elegant designs, Miele hobs provide a seamless cooking experience, ensuring excellent results every time. Choose from induction, gas, or electric models to fit your specific cooking style.

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Miele Hobs in Dublin
Smeg Hobs in Dublin

Smeg Hobs

Enhance your kitchen with the iconic style and high performance of Smeg hobs. Whether you prefer the classic gas hob or the modern induction top, Smeg offers robust functionality combined with a distinctive aesthetic that complements any kitchen decor. Explore our range for a touch of Italian elegance.

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V-ZUG Hobs

V-ZUG hobs are the epitome of Swiss innovation, offering sophisticated features that promote intuitive cooking. Whether you are a professional chef or a home cooking enthusiast, V-ZUG hobs deliver precise temperature control and superior ease of use, making every cooking task a pleasure.

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V-ZUG Hobs in Dublin