Laminate Flooring


The look and feel of high-quality laminate floors make them virtually indistinguishable from solid wood. Laminate flooring comes in various widths, lengths and thicknesses to suit all applications. Long plank formats with surrounding V-joint and nature-identical embossing are now especially desirable as they replicate genuine country house style plank floors more accurately than ever before. There are a wide range of different decors to choose from to help you achieve your personal style. Whether you prefer classic oak, nature-identical wood styles or contemporary adaptations, there are virtually no limits to your individual creativity with this versatile floor covering. These floors are simple to install and hard-wearing.

Barn Oak (Harbour Oak Grey)


Brewery Oak


Derby Oak


Holden Oak Herringbone


Mountain Oak Grey


Oak Chatel


Pettersson Oak Dark


Polar Oak


Skellig Oak