Kitchen Taps Ireland

Transform your kitchen with our cutting-edge taps from Quooker and Grohe. Designed to combine functionality with style, our taps offer both convenience and elegance to any kitchen setup.

Available throughout Dublin and across Ireland, our premium taps provide innovative features such as instant boiling water and touch-activated faucets, ensuring a top-tier kitchen experience. Visit our in-house appliance centre to find the ideal tap that suits your needs and preferences.

Quooker Taps

Quooker taps are the epitome of convenience, offering instant boiling water directly from the tap. Ideal for speeding up kitchen tasks like preparing hot beverages or cooking, Quooker taps feature stylish designs and safety features that make them a must-have in any modern kitchen.

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Quooker Taps in Dublin
Grohe Taps in Dublin

Grohe Taps

Grohe taps are renowned for their durability and advanced technology. With a focus on water-saving features and ergonomic designs, Grohe taps ensure both sustainability and comfort. Whether you're after a pull-out spray tap for greater flexibility or a touch-operated model for hygiene and ease, Grohe offers solutions that combine great functionality with beautiful design.

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