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Have You Engaged in Wardrobe Wars?

41% of people admit that sharing a wardrobe with their partner has resulted in an argument
Key research findings:
  • 90% of survey respondents have clothes in their wardrobe that they do not wear
  • Over half (57%) of people say their wardrobe is too small
  • 61% of those polled are unhappy with the amount of wardrobe space their partner takes up
  • 2 in 5 respondents (40%) are self-confessed hoarders

Over two thirds of people in Ireland polled (69%) admit that they are not happy with their current wardrobe. That’s according to new research released today by The Panelling Centre, to promote its beautiful wardrobe range and reveal the nations woes when it comes to wardrobe space and storage solutions. When asked what the key areas of concern are, ‘having poor storage options and lack of shelving’ came out on top as the number one wardrobe woe according to 75% of those polled, followed by 57% of people who find their ‘wardrobe is too small for their clothes’ and 30% who ‘dislike the colour and style of their wardrobe’.

Wardrobe Wars

The research also suggests that many Irish couples are engaging in wardrobe wars, with 63% having to share their wardrobe space with their significant other. When it comes to the challenges facing those who share wardrobes, almost two thirds are unhappy with the amount of space their partner takes up (61%). And the complaining doesn’t stop there, one in three (33%) are frustrated by how their partner doesn’t fold their clothes, throws them in the bottom of the wardrobe or leaves them on a chair in the bedroom.

Not surprisingly, 41% admit that sharing a wardrobe with their partner has resulted in an argument. Adding fuel to that fire, are the nine out of ten survey respondents who admit that they hold onto clothes that they don’t wear, with 40% describing themselves as a self-confessed hoarder.

Dream Wardrobe

According to the research, almost a third of survey respondents are fighting off the cobwebs with 32% admitting that they haven’t updated their wardrobes in over ten years. Of those respondents, 64% have plans to update their wardrobes within the next 12 months and 47% intend to spend between €1,000 and €3,000 on that revamp.

Not surprisingly, 78% of Irish people dream of having a walk-in wardrobe and would be willing to sacrifice space in other parts of their home to make that dream a reality. When asked what would constitute their dream wardrobe, three quarters (75%) of survey respondents said handy and practical storage solutions would be the number one requirement. This was followed by adequate space (66%) and the look and design of their wardrobe tying in with their bedroom décor (29%).

Commenting on the findings, Anthony Ridgeway, General Manager, The Panelling Centre said: “The research shows that lots of Irish people are struggling with storage issues and are in search of solutions to make the most of their space. We can see from the findings that lack of storage can even cause strain in your relationship which shows that the right wardrobe will help you organise your personal items and make day to day life that little bit easier.

At The Panelling Centre we recognise that everyone’s requirements and tastes are different, and we have a team of dedicated designers who work closely with our customers to create wardrobe and storage solutions that are perfect for their space and needs.”

Commenting on the research, Sarah Reynolds, Founder of Organised Chaos said: “I believe that the bedroom and wardrobe spaces are the two most important areas of the home to organise. The bedroom is where we retreat from the world – to rest and recuperate. It should help us do that, not stress us out further!  I recently had the pleasure of visiting The Panelling Centre Showroom and it is the perfect place to begin if you’re on the hunt for a storage solution with a great collection of wardrobes available, including the Quattro range and the timeless Alderley range.”

The Panelling Centre offers a beautiful range of quality, design-led wardrobes and kitchens to trade and retail customers. Sourcing the best of Irish and European design, The Panelling Centre offers the latest styles, and product that is reliable, guaranteed and promises real value for money.

The Panelling Centre have six branches nationwide, with showrooms in Dublin, Limerick, Galway and Cork. Visit to find your local branch, and to find out more about The Panelling Centre’s products and services.

*Survey carried out among 200 Irish adults aged 18+ (25% male, 75% female)

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