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Kitchen Accessories

Looking for high-quality kitchen accessories in Ireland?
Look no further, our extensive selection of kitchen accessories and tools will compliment your kitchen design.
Find your local branch by clicking here and call in store to speak to one of our kitchen worktop specialists.

Hob Guards

Protect the family from accidents with a clamp on hob guard.It fits worktops from 28-40mm edge and requires a min lip of 20mm590mm (W) x 190mm (H) x 142mm


Efficient waste disposal units grind scraps of cooked AND raw food into fine particles which flush down the drain with other sludge materials to waste water treatment plants.

Power Docks

Retractable sockets & connectivity. Cleverly hidden in unused spaces in cabinetry and desks. Some models also have ports for USB and internet connections

Wine Rack

Available as single racks with 4 supports and fixings to suit, 150 | 300 | 400 | 500 | 600mm units, Chrome-plated steel


Add interest with these stunning doors.
The slim handle is incorporated into the frame.
ONYX Frosted: Brushed aluminium frame with a frosted glass effect.
ONYX Silver: Brushed steel frame with a mirror glass
ONYX Pewter: Brushed pewter frame with a bronze reflective glass
Each style is available predrilled for hinges in
355 x 496mm / 355 x 596mm /355 x 796mm / 355 x 896mm