Square Edge Laminate Worktops

This range of worktops is Italian-made, with a premium quality square edge laminate, and available in a contemporary 1mm ABS finish.

This product is made using a polyurethane glue, to ensure maximum moisture protection, and the high pressure laminate is heat resistant up to 160°C (hot pots cannot be placed directly on to laminate surfaces).

Please be advised:

  • 600mm worktops are backed with a different colour and balancing laminate
  • 670mm / 900mm worktops are matching coloured, balancing laminate on both sides
  • Colours illustrated are for reference only. Please call into your local branch to see the actual colour samples on display.

This range is available in the following sizes:


  • 4100 x 600 x 39.4mm
  • 4100 x 670 x 39.4mm
  • 4100 x 900 x 39.4mm


  • 4200 x 100 x 19.6mm


  • 3 metre rolls of ABS edging is available from stock (3000 x 43 x 1mm)


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