Fenix Laminate Worktops

FENIX® is a nanotechnological material that has revolutionized the world of interior design. It is not only beautiful to look at, but it is also a high-tech material, made unique by its characteristics.

Fenix is anti-fingerprint, soft to the touch, opaque and extremely durable, so much so that it can withstand knocks and scratches, but also makes it highly resistant to the aggressive action of solvents typically used for household cleaning.

Fenix is also water-repellent, hygienic, thanks to its effective bacteria killing action, and resistant to mould. All of these qualities make it a perfect surface for contact with food and very easy to clean.

Both colours are available on special order only, and in the following widths:


  • 600mm
  • 670mm
  • 900mm


  • 4200 x 100 x 19.6mm


  • 26 x 1 x 3000mm


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Dark Grey

Fenix Laminate
4100mm x 21.8mm


Fenix Laminate
4100mm x 21.8mm