Utilising cutting-edge technology and constructed only using premium materials including stainless steel, glass, and cast iron (pan stands). Smeg’s extensive range of hobs comprises gas, ceramic, induction and electric models, which are available in a choice of sizes and finishes to coordinate perfectly with Smeg built-in ovens. The ultra-low gas hob is sleek and stylish with a dull flame. Taste the flavour of a 4KW burner!


The TwoInOne brings together exceptional technology with PowerFlex cooking zones and an automatic extractor with intuitive operation. The TwoInOne overcomes many challenges when planning a kitchen. This hob is incredible for speed and precise control.


If you are looking to cook like a professional in the kitchen, creating varied and versatile dishes, then V-ZUG has the ideal combination of appliances for you. The wok and the TeppanYaki, as well as the induction hob, can be easily combined and built into your kitchen. The Fusion hob includes an integrated hob hood, which draws down vapors directly next to your pans.

And thanks to the OptiLink function, the hob hood and the hob can communicate with each other to function completely automatically. This is sure to be a firm favorite with anyone who appreciates plenty of headroom when cooking and intuitive touch controls on the graphic display.