Bringing cutting-edge technology into the kitchen with WiFi enabled Siemens Home Connect. Enjoy cooking your favourite dishes with its latest selection of innovative multi-function, electric, combination and steam ovens.


Built to serve your household for decades. When it comes to building ovens, Wolf make no compromises with their state of the art technology. Bake, roast, and broil with the confidence of Wolf built-in ovens. Wolf convection ovens, or combination ovens with convection and steam, offer intuitive controls and consistent temperatures to ensure every meal is predictably remarkable.


These ovens have been designed to make sure that every process is as easy as possible. Thanks to their equipment and exquisite materials, all cooking and baking is fun, even the cleaning up afterwards. The EasyCook functions provide tips on settings for the right operating mode. The GourmetGuide offers easy preparation thanks to automatic programmes. Effortless cleaning with pyrolysis and sophisticated materials. Developed and manufactured in Switzerland.